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Accurate Blood Pressure monitoring makes a difference between health and sickness. It also indicates the efficacy of medications that you may be taking. The Intelligent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to keep track of your health.

✔ Easy to operate
Handy and easy to carry anytime and anywhere
✔ Battery Operated (2 AAA size alkaline batteries)

✔  Blood Pressure monitor
✔  Heart Rate Monitor
✔  Automatically inflates and deflates
✔  Automatic power-off function
✔  With pulse reading
✔  Detects inconsistent heart rates

    Model: Intelligent Portable Wrist BP & Heart Rate Monitor
    Display: LCD digital display
    Measuring principle: Oscillometric method
    Measuring localization: Wrist
    Measurement range: Pressure 20-280 mmHg(2.7-37kPa), Pulse 40-160 pulse/min
    Accuracy: Pressure plusmn;3 mmHg(plusmn;0.4kPa), Pulse plusmn;5% of reading
    Power source: 2pcs 3V AAA alkaline battery
    Memory function: 2times;90 sets memory of measurement values
    Automatic power off: In 1 minute

    User Tips:
    1. Avoid activity for 5-10 minutes prior to taking measurement.
    2. Avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercising and bathing before taking measurement.
    3. Always measure on the same wrist (typically your left wrist).
    4. Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, so be sure to take your blood pressure at the same time each day.
    5. Make sure you are in a comfortable, relaxed position, keep the sphygmomanometer in the position of heart.
    6. Ensure the cuff is fit snugly around your wrist.